Blocked drain clearance Devon
Blocked drain clearance Devon
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Blocked drain clearance Devon
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Ivybridge Blocked Drains


Pitch Fibre Pipes

Pitch Fibre pipes were popular in the 1960's, however the pitch fibre pipe has not withstood the test of time.
The Pipes unfortunately over time end us either collapsing, squashing or blistering. This is the most common reason for failure. It can be extremely expensive to replace pitch fibre pipes by excavation in either domestic or small commercial sewer environments.
Draincare SW use other cost effective methods of repairing/replacing. We do not have to dig up the pipe, we can repair collapses within the pipe and cut out the blockages caused by root intrusion.

Many domestic homeowners are horrified at the thought of the damage that an excavation process would cause, due to the fact that many pitch fibre pipes were laid under the buildings or paths alongside houses, but if extensions have been added to the properties, the pitch fibre pipes can run under the house. The fact that we don't dig up the pitch fibre pipes means that only little, if any, disruption is caused and it takes only a fraction of the time, and a cut in cost.

Here are a few examples of Pitch Fibre Pipe Problems:

  1. Over time the pipework can deteriorate due to its age, weakening weight stress, being laid poorly also and chemical erosion.
  2. Pitch fibre pipework is prone to deterioration from within as blistering may occur which cause obstructions and eventually result in the pipe closing up.
  3. Leaking pipework can attract tree and shrub roots which results in further damage to the pipework.
  4. The pipework can become porous, which allows water to seep out. As a result of this the subsoil that surrounds the pipe is washed away causing subsidence.
  5. The normal forms of pipe maintenance that are carried out on pitch fibre pipework may actually cause further damage due to its delicate nature.

A common way to repair these would be to dig them up, but this could cause major disruption and even damage to the commercial or domestic property.
Draincare SW offers a service that allows us to repair the pipes without digging them up. We can repair blocked drains caused by root intrusion, collapsed pitch fibre pipe drains, squashed drains and blistered drains.

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Ivybridge Blocked Drains

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Blocked drains Devon
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